In Aeternum is a guild from the realm Azjol-Nerub. We have been on this server for over seven years now. We are a friendly guild, with both social and raiding members, who like to have fun playing wow in a relaxing atmosphere.

Our guild has over 200 players with us and is growing more each day. We have our Teamspeak server for all members to use at any time of the day (after midnight can get a bit weird, you have been warned!).
We like to enjoy the wow content at our own pace, we don't care for wipes but we like to see progression for our members, at our raids/dungeons. We require everyone to be on ts with knowledge of tacts and fight of the up coming bosses. You also must have DBM and other addons to be able to come to our raids, as we think these help the most, please speak to officers about which ones. 

In Aeternum does not take ninjas lightly, its an instant guild kick if we find out you have ninjaed off another player in any way. We HATE ninjas and don't think its fair that they get away with it.

As in any guild, we have our up and down monents but the guild wouldn't be as good today without our dedicated people, who created In Aeternum, over the last seven years. Our soul goal is a relaxing and stress free place where we're all equals.

Our History:

In Aeternum was formed April 7th 2009, after the old guild called Miss Michaelas Army broke up. The guild had some problems and so the guild master decided to leave for another realm.
The guild was named after her, but the current members and officers didn’t really want to stay; it isn’t possible to change a guild name in WOW. They decided to reforge the guild under a new name and new guild master, with new rules that everyone was to be equal and have fun together.

They discussed many names and came up with 'In Aeternum'. Orvesa became guild master, but left WOW a week later. Beuf took over and was GM, over 2+ years, for a fun guild. Orvesa returned, a week after he left, with his own rank above officer to help run the guild. The guild has had many splits over the years due to members arguing, to small groups forming within the guild. It didn’t help the growth, but we have always pulled through.
During the Lich King expansion pack, the guild was doing fairly well. We found some new allies called Spacing Cakes, and we helped each other raiding current content because we didn’t have enough members online to make full raid team. After a couple of months, Spacing Cakes closed down and some of their members/officers came to In Aeternum to help our progress in WOW.

Later on in 2010, the officer team decided they were bored with WOW and left to play EVE online. The guild was left for dead, which hurt many of the core people, including the GM and Guthan. Members were leaving due to the changes in guild that were including reasons such as; lack of attention, lack of raiding, lack of the social atmosphere that the guild had in abundance prior. Beuf promoted new officers Guthan and Diabloslayer to help save the guild and to pull it out of the downhill fall. Guthan has always told Beuf he would do whatever it takes to bring In Aeternum back up, and he did! They had many laughs together including many songs they came up with while raiding ice crown heroic.

The GM and a couple of core guildies wanted to raid end content game; without a strong raid team at that time, we ended up joining with Tranquil for some fun, but after a month Tranquil closed. We decided to bring IA back to life, creating a happy, stress free guild for everyone. We promoted some officers, lead officers were Nostarielady and Nifelheim. The other officers are Shalloww, Tankforhire, Sxydrood, Eryveth and Xanthia. Beuf taking a vacation off WOW so he promoted Britvic to GM while he is not playing the game. Currently Guthan/Britvic is also taking a break from WOW. Nostarielady is the current GM. Officers assisting her are Wynadorn, Bun, Infernalfire, Shallow, Tinangle and Hopje.

When Cataclysm came out, we really got IA off the ground by recruiting friendly players. Our goal is to have happy guild members; continuing to enjoy ourselves and spend time together as we've been doing. You’re not just a number in a roster here, you’re a person with a name who we like to get to know. In our history we quickly dinged our guild to level 25. We have downed BWD, BOT and TOT4W together getting achievements for the guild. Since then we have cleared all the old raids in mythic and doing mythic in Emerald Nightmare. We are much more than a guild... We are a family.

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